About Us

The ADC & Teen Ranch never sleeps. We live each day to mine the incredible potential, that we believe lies within the lives of at-risk youth, the poor and the hurting families of our community - helping them meet their needs, realize their dreams, and achieve their destiny.  We are partnered with technical and vocational institutes, including community colleges, to provide specialized training and education in vocations requiring instruction not attaining to the baccalaureate level.Work with caring teachers that focus on developing real life skills Partnered with the local church, community college and faith-based seminaries and colleges, to provide healthy training against recidivist behaviors,and develop self-esteem, self-worth, focus and spiritual, emotional mental health to the individuals we care for. We provide hope, inner security and a level of "completeness" to sustain a continuity of progressive and healthy choices. Also partnered with local school districts, ADC will provide alternative classroom education and facilities to teens in crisis that can no longer perform in the regular classroom setting and require special education and tutoring in a controlled, disciplined and safe environment.

What we believe!

We Believe in compassion, servant hood and that the needs of others come first. We Believe in being courageous in our work and accomplishing the extraordinary. We believe in working together as a team, bonded together by loyalty, trust and accountability. We believe that we must put ourselves in another person's world so that no need is ever overlooked. We believe in being truthful in what we promise and diligent in what in what we deliver. We believe in managing our business with skill, openness and stewardship to ensure our integrity. We believe that our contributors are our friends and that once a friend always a friend - and we will forever be grateful. We believe in celebrating the joy of serving others, the passion of vision and the fun of accomplishment.

The Homeless

Who ever said homelessness is for the loser?

The Addicted

Addiction is real......it destroys relationships and hurts everyone!