These are Just Some of The Lives Changed…

TESTIMONIES (excerpts) FROM TEENAGERS and THEIR PARENTS (taken from original letters – verified)
“I had run away from my family in Pennsylvania to Las Vegas to gamble. I have a serious problem with gambling. My feelings toward the counselors and staff were positive, yet the only person I felt I could talk too was Roger. I looked up to Roger as a fatherly figure. Roger, you’re a very caring person. I thank the Lord He has put you in a position to help so many others.”  Alex K, age 17 – 05/03/1988

“One day, a few weeks ago, Catherine (my daughter) sat with me and shared Rick’s past (her husband) in detail. I never knew to what extent you had been involved in Rick’s life. I was so deeply moved when I learnt about the vital part you had in Rick becoming who he is. What love!!!! I want to thank you so much for all the love, patience and time you gave to Rick. But look what the Lord has accomplished in this human being’s life because you were willing to be unselfish and so courageous. What a witness! What love!”Kathleen Hart, (mother) 12/17/1987

“I didn’t care, Roger gave me allot of chances. I told him (Roger) I am sick of lying to myself and others, and drugs, I’m sick of. I’ve never been real to myself. When I came to Roger’s program, I cried out to God in my room, I asked for forgiveness. I want to change my life now. I don’t want to be that hard person inside. I want to change my life, my dad has never cared for me, he’s beaten me up, but after opening up to you I know I can open up and know I won’t get beaten up. Roger I love you! I don’t want to lose your love and trust. I really want God in my life.” Robert R, age 17 – 01/04/1988

“You know I never expected to find such a kind, soft-hearted man willing to waste all the time he has just to get to a kid’s heart. But it really didn’t take much, I’ll tell you!”  Eddie H, age 16 – 08/12/1981

“I have felt that Roger has been a helping hand of God on my life. Roger has touched my life in a way I could not explain. He is a father, a brother and a friend. But most of all he is a teddy bear. Never before in my life have I met a man more caring, sincere and concerned about today’s youth. Never before have I felt so loved and cared for by any other person.” Bryan G, age 16 – 06/23/1987

“No words could ever express what or how I feel. Your kindness and determination regarding my son Daniel has left me speechless! You have given me renewed hope, at a time when I needed it most!” Scott & Maggie (parents)

“I’m scared to really trust anybody, but for myself you’re my dad……”Robert K, age 16 – 10/07/1984

“I’ve never really had anybody care for me like you have. I really love you a lot. The Lord told me to write you this letter because you had led me to Him, and I’ve never really thanked you.” Ryan S, age 17 – 05.13.1988

“Thank you for seeing George (our son) and me that late Tuesday night. Thank you for the way you cared at the retreat. My spirits were LIFTED that weekend.” Carolyn, George & Michael Weising (parents and children)

“I believe that life here at the home is a very worthwhile experience. It teaches responsibility and life sustaining experience. This house means a lot to me. It’s a home away from home. I don’t think there can be a price paid for the value of what God has brought into my life here. I will cherish these moments and agree with God that a Christian life is better than any other.” Khanh L, age 17 – 01/01 1984

“Roger, thank you for being you. You’ve done much for me and I want to thank you for it. Keep up the great work. Praying that some day I might be able to stand as you stand.”Don, age 16 – 1973

“Thanks for all the help you’ve given me.”  Glen I, age 16

“I really want to thank you for talking to me. I could see that you were sincere and real. It’s encouraging to me to see that in someone. It must be hard for you when all guys like me tell you all our problems. But I want to tell you someone like yourself who understands and cares makes all the difference in the world. You’ll probably have the biggest crown in heaven. I’m praying for you and thank you SO MUCH!” Rob K, age 17

“I want to tell you that I am very thankful for the times you took to talk with me and help me along, for all the prayers on my behalf and the concern for me to see me get it together with the Lord. If it ever seems like it hasn’t been worth it (the ministry you are called too) remember the way you touched me and helped me, you truly have done a lot for me. The way you give yourself to others a genuine love for the brethren. You have been a great example.”  Fred E, age 17 – 12/03/1980

“When I think back to that dark Saturday night when lay on a Vancouver street a lost and lonely nineteen year old tripped out on drugs and alcohol, I can’t stop thanking God for saving me and you for having and ear to hear the Lord’s voice. You were like the “Good Samaritan” who found a man who had fallen among thieves. Drugs and alcohol and other disappointments had robbed me of everything. Your friendship and concern and the saving grace of Christ has restored my soul and given me purpose and fulfillment in my life. Your example and zeal has been a continuing inspiration to me in my life. When I think of what your ministry has meant to me in my life, it gives me renewed strength to commit myself to sharing this message with others.” Ed P, age 19 – 02/28/1979

Most Recent Letters

July 31st, 2009

Let me start by telling you about my relationship with Roger which began almost 24 years ago, starting when I was 16 years old.  My latter teenage years were very tumultuous for me as my parents were separated and I felt all alone.  My friendship with Roger was nothing short of a divine appointment, not only for my life but for his life as well.  Roger became a mentor, a spiritual father if you will, to me.  He opened his house and his heart to me at a time in my life when everyone else seemed to be shut off.  In my young vulnerable years I felt very loved and protected by Roger.   With his love and help I was able to make it through some very difficult times in my life and maintain a faith and perspective on our Lord.A few years later tragedy struck my life in an accident where I severed several of my fingers.  In a time that would prove to tell who my real friends were, Roger was one of the very few who actually came out to see me in the hospital and once again shower his love and care upon me.  As I became an adult, our relationship continued to grow and mature, as did my relationship with our Lord.  God used Roger as an instrument to get me out of some very difficult situations.  I am very thankful and blessed to have a friend in Roger and what he’s meant to me throughout my life.  Roger has devoted his life to helping others and I have met very few individuals who have a heart such as his, he has an ability to love and care for others like few can and his desire to help hurting youth is something the majority of us could use a lesson in.


Bill M.

August 16th, 2009To Whom It May Concern,I have known Dr. Roger Burt for over 25 years. In the years that I have known Dr. Burt I have witnessed his passion for the youth, this became evident when I worked for him when he ran Youth Encounter Homes in Van Nuys, Ca. Dr. Burt’s caring and paternal attitude toward the youth made a everlasting impact on my own life. I know Dr. Burt to be a man of utmost integrity and character and will be an asset to any ministry or organization he works for. We have maintained our friendship over these past 25 years and could always call on him for counsel and advise, that’s the type of person he is.Sincerely,

Rev. Marc Ginsberg
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