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I’m writing you because we have a common goal and concern for trafficked teens!
In the 50 years I have worked with homeless and trafficked youth in Canada and America, both as a probation officer, social worker and pastoral counselor, I have learned to regard these teens not in the light of what they do, or omit to do, but more in the light of what they suffer.
For over 4 years I have been working on the purchase of a 165 acre ranch.
We have negotiated this long and the price has now reached its lowest offer, $3 million. It will comfortably house, clothe and feed up to 100 of these teens!
Pictures are seen on our website
These teens suffering is a part of a greater purpose, and our “correct” response of people who claim to care really distinguishes us as to who we really are!
Globally, sex trafficking has become a 120 billion $ per year industry.
The first step in restoring their dignity is to give them a safe place to live.
Your tax deductible donation is needed now if we are to provide this huge facility of care. If you can’t help financially, will you at least SHARE this page with others or start a GoFundMe account for us?
We thank you and so does Rico, Ronnie, Mike, Josh, Eddie, Rudy, Bill, Marc, George, Juan, Annie, Victoria, Sandy and so many more!!!!!!!!